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Publications by Title/Date

This page lists the titles and years of publication for each of our online publications. Since it takes several months to finalize our datasets, the year of publication will generally be one to two years later. Our goal is to bring you the information sooner by using the Internet. Please check back often.

Selected publications are provided in pdf format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to access them. Download the latest version External link from Adobe.

Directions: Select the year below to see a list of SCHS titles published for that year.

Archived Titles


List of SCHS publications available online published in 2005
Title Year
2002 North Carolina Resident Live Births by Selected Risk Factors and Characteristics 2005
Annual Report for FY 2005 (SCHS) 2005
Basic Automated Birth Yearbook (BABYBOOK) - 2004 2005
BRFSS News Brief: Who's Still Smoking in N.C.? - 2005 2005
Cancer Profiles - May 2005 2005
Child Deaths in North Carolina 2004 2005
Detailed Mortality Statistics, North Carolina Residents, 2004 2005
Disparities in Universal Prenatal Screening for Group B Streptococcus -- North Carolina PRAMS (July 22, 2005 MMWR) 2005
Health Profile of North Carolinians: 2005 Update 2005
Infant Mortality Statistics 2004 2005
North Carolina Minority Health Facts: African Americans - 2005 2005
North Carolina Minority Health Facts: American Indians - 2005 2005
North Carolina Reported Pregnancies for 2004 2005
North Carolina Vital Facts for 2004 2005
North Carolina Vital Statistics, Volume 1 - 2003 2005
North Carolina Vital Statistics, Volume 1 - 2004 2005
North Carolina Vital Statistics, Volume 2: Leading Causes of Death, 2003 2005
North Carolina Vital Statistics, Volume 2: Leading Causes of Death, 2004 2005
PRAMS Fact Sheet: Barriers to Prenatal Care 2005
PRAMS Fact Sheet: Folic Acid Awareness 2005
PRAMS Fact Sheet: Physical Violence 2005
PRAMS Surveillance Update: Infant Exposure to Secondhand Smoke 2005
PRAMS Surveillance Update: Maternal Smoking Around the Time of Pregnancy 2005
SCHS Study 147 - Children Who Are Medically Fragile in North Carolina: Prevalence and Medical Care Costs in 2002 2005
SCHS Study 148 - Neighborhood-Level Characteristics as Predictors of Preterm Birth: Examples from Wake County, North Carolina 2005
SCHS Study 149 - Predictors of Referral to the North Carolina Child Service Coordination Program Among Infants with Orofacial Clefts 2005
Statistical Brief 27 - Racial Disparities in Birth Outcomes Increase with Maternal Age: Recent Data from North Carolina 2005
Statistical Brief 28 - Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR): A Useful Tool for Analyzing Fetal and Infant Mortality 2005
Statistical Brief 29 - Hispanic Childhood Mortality in North Carolina, 1999-2003 2005