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Statistics and Reports



CCR Brochure (311 KB PDF)

Annual Reports

N.C. Cancer Incidence Rates - 2009 - 2015

N.C. Cancer Mortality Rates - 1999 - 2015

N.C. Cancer Projections - 2000 - 2017

Collaborative Publications

Cancer in North Carolina: 2013 Report (274 KB PDF)

2008 annual report External link on cancer and income.

2007 annual report card External link on cancer.


The North Carolina Central Cancer Registry newsletter including general updates of activities, reporting requirements and data use.

Summer 2011 CCR Newsletter (revised 09/2011) (667 KB PDF)

Mapping of Cancer

North Carolina Cancer Incidence for Selected Primary Sites, by Legislative District

Cancer Profiles

A biennial publication produced by the North Carolina Central Cancer Registry. These fact sheets detail specific cancer information for each of the counties in North Carolina and the state as a whole.

Cancer Fact Sheets

The North Carolina Central Cancer Registry fact sheets are published for selected cancer sites.

American Cancer Society’s South Atlantic Division Cancer Facts and Figures, 2008

These documents are excerpts from the American Cancer Society’s (ACS) South Atlantic Division Cancer Facts and Figures 2008, relevant to North Carolina. The South Atlantic Division includes Delaware, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. The N.C. Central Cancer Registry and N.C. Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System provide data for this annual publication.

North Carolina County Data, ACS Facts and Figures 2008 (2 MB PDF) includes North Carolina county-level cancer incidence and mortality counts and age-adjusted rates for 2001-2005, by race and sex, for the following cancers: breast, prostate, lung and bronchus, colon and rectum, cervix and melanoma.

North Carolina Data, ACS Facts and Figures, 2008 (552 KB PDF) includes these North Carolina data: demographics, cancer incidence and mortality trends, cancer staging percentages by site and race, prevention and risk factor information, and other cancer control information.

Cancer Among Hispanics and Latinos, ACS Facts and Figures 2008 (493 KB PDF) is a summary of information on cancer among Hispanics in the ACS’s South Atlantic Division.

The entire publication External link can be downloaded from the American Cancer Society website.

Cancer Facts and Figures, 2004

North Carolina Cancer Facts and Figures is a biennial publication produced by the North Carolina Central Cancer Registry containing North Carolina cancer incidence and mortality, as well as projected cancer estimates for 2004. It is modeled after the American Cancer Society’s annual "Cancer Facts and Figures" publication, which details cancer incidence and mortality across the nation.

In addition to statistical data, this report includes detailed information on cancer risk factors, stage of disease, screening, prevention, treatment and cancer control efforts in North Carolina. Also included are the American Cancer Society’s guidelines for the early detection of cancer.

Cancer Incidence in North Carolina, County-Specific Numbers

Observed and expected numbers of newly diagnosed cancer cases for 26 cancer sites and total cancer are provided by county and gender. State and county tabulations of cases by race-sex and age are also provided.


Colorectal Cancer in North Carolina and the Importance of Screening (606 KB PDF)
This presentation was updated April 1, 2009.

Poster Presentations
Association of Central Cancer Registries annual meeting to inform other cancer registries about the types and uses of brain cancer data being collected in North Carolina.

Special Studies

Name Year Published
Statistical Brief 43 - Hepatocellular Carcinoma Incidence Trends in North Carolina 2016
Statistical Brief 44 - Rare Cancer Incidence Trends in North Carolina 2016
Surveillance Brief No. 1: Cancer Survivors and Chronic Disease--North Carolina 2009 2015
Health Profile of North Carolinians: 2011 Update 2011
SCHS Study 163 - Cancer Survival in North Carolina 2010
SCHS Study 161 - Colorectal Cancer Incidence, Mortality, Stage at Diagnosis, and Treatment Patterns among Whites and African Americans in North Carolina 2010
SCHS Study 159 - Misclassification of American Indian Race in Cancer Incidence Data in North Carolina 2008
Health Profile of North Carolinians: 2007 Update 2007
Health Risks Among North Carolina Adults: 2005 (BRFSS) 2006
Statistical Brief 30 - Hospice Care in North Carolina 2006
SCHS Study 150 - Female Breast Cancer Incidence, Stage at Diagnosis, Treatment and Mortality in NC 2006
Health and Disability in North Carolina 2004
SCHS Study 134 - Cervical Cancer Disparities Between African-American Women and White Women in North Carolina, 1995-1998 2002
CHIS Study 123 - Five Year Survival Analysis of Patients with Clinical Stages I and IIA Breast Cancer who Received Initial Treatment at North Carolina Hospitals 2000
SCHS Study 120 - Does Nulliparity Influence Estrogen Receptor Status Among Women with Breast Cancer? A North Carolina Pilot Study 2000
SCHS Study 117 - Using Death Certificates to Target Occupation Groups for Health Promotion and Disease Screening in NC 1999
SCHS Study 115 - Occupational Mortality Among Working-Age North Carolinians 1999
SCHS Study 108 - Breast Cancer Incidence, Mortality, and Survival in North Carolina 1997
SCHS Study 106 - North Carolina's Health Report Card: Progress Toward the Healthy People 2000 Objectives 1997
BRFSS Summary Tables for North Carolina for 1996 1997
CHES Study 90 - Prostate Cancer Survival in North Carolina, Evaluating the Race-Specific Differences 1995
CHES Study 86 - An Ecologic Study of Cancer in Communities Near Paper Mills 1994
CHES Study 87 - Charting the Course: North Carolina's Progress Towards the Healthy Carolinians 2000 Objectives 1994
CHES Study 85 - Local Health Department Problems and Priorities: Conclusions from the Fiscal Year 1994 Community Diagnosis Cycle 1994
CHES Study 77 - Health Objectives for the Year 2000: The North Carolina Challenge 1993
CHES Study 76 - Health Status of Blacks in North Carolina 1993
CHES Study 75 - Health Status sof Native Americans in North Carolina 1993
CHES Study 67 - The Quality of Cancer Incidence Data in North Carolina: An Evaluation of the Central Cancer Registry 1990 Database 1992
CHES Study 56 - Evaluation of Cancer Cluster Reports in North Carolina 1991
SCHS Study 32 - Multiple Patient Admissions to North Carolina General Hospitals During 1980 1984
SCHS Study 28 - North Carolina's Health 1983
SCHS Study 29 - Death Among North Carolina's Children and Youth 1983
SCHS Study 19 - Update on Health Characteristics of Adult Residents of North Carolina's Health Service Areas 1980
SCHS Study 18 - Wide Gaps in Mortality Risk: Comparisons Among Race-Sex Groups Across Time and Space Dimensions 1980
PHSB Studies 15: Perspective . . . Health Status of American Indians in North Carolina 1979
PHSB Studies 5: An Unnecessary Death Index 1977