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Special Studies

Name Year
CHES Study 54 - Knowledge and Attitudes about AIDS among North Carolina Adults 1990
CHES Study 55 - An Evaluation of the Impact of Prenatal WIC Participation on Birth Outcomes and Medicaid Costs in North Carolina 1991
CHES Study 59 - A Description of North Carolina Medicaid Databases and Potential Uses for Health Professionals 1991
CHES Study 62 - The Effect of Prior Family Planning Participation on Prenatal Care Use and Low Birth Weight 1992
CHES Study 63 - Assessing the Public's Health: Community Diagnosis in North Carolina 1992
CHES Study 66 - Pilot Study to Determine the Incidence of Substance Use at Delivery in North Carolina Tertiary Centers 1992
CHES Study 70 - Patterns in Maternal Mortality Related to Induced Abortion in North Carolina, 1963-1987 1992
CHES Study 73 - Pregnancy Complications and Perinatal Outcomes Associated with Maternal Diabetes 1993
CHES Study 78 - Hospitalization Among Elderly North Carolina Residents Fiscal Year 1990 1993
CHES Study 79 - Race Differences in the Impact of Maternal Cigarette Smoking on Infant Birth Weight 1994
CHES Study 80 - An Evaluation of the Effect of North Carolina's 1992-93 Oxygenated Fuel Program on Ambient Carbon Monoxide Levels in Urban Areas 1994
CHES Study 81 - Maternal Obesity and Excess Risk of Perinatal Mortality: Evidence from a Large Biracial Population 1994
CHES Study 83 - Infant Death: Sociodemographic and Medical Risk Factor Analyses for North Carolina 1994
CHES Study 84 - The Association of Medicaid with the Delivery of Services for Children With or At Risk for Developmental Delay 1994
CHES Study 92 - Private Sector Worksite Health Promotion Activities in North Carolina: Results from the 1994 Survey 1995
CHES Study 94 - Statewide Coverage of Very Low Birthweight Infants and Teenage Mothers (Less than 15 Years of Age) in North Carolina's Child Service Coordination Program: 1991 and 1993 1995
CHES Study 95 - Predictors of Inadequate Gestational Weight Gain Among African Americans and Non-Hispanic Whites 1995
CHES Study 97 - Perinatal Mortality in North Carolina: Risk Factor Analysis by Race 1995
CHES Study 98 - Trends in Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke Mortality Among Adults, North Carolina, 1980-1991 1995
CHES Study 99 - The Association of Poverty and Residence in Predominantly Black Neighborhoods with the Occurrence of Preterm Births Among Black Women: A Case-Control Study of Three North Carolina Metropolitan Areas 1996
CHIS Study 122 - Prenatal WIC Participation in Relation to Low Birth Weight and Medicaid Infant Costs in North Carolina - A 1997 Update 2000
CHIS Study 124 - Using HEDIS Measures to Evaluate Medicaid Managed Care Organization Performance: The Treatment of Persistent Asthma in the Pediatric Medicaid Population 2001
Design of a Survey to Inform State Health Decision Making: A Collaborative Effort (Abstract) 1997
Health of North Carolinians: A Profile 2003
Health Profile of North Carolinians: 2005 Update 2005
Health Profile of Older North Carolinians 2003
Method of Linking Medicaid Records to Birth Certificates May Affect Infant Outcome Statistics 1999
North Carolina 2003 Public Health Partnership Survey of Local Health Departments and Community Based Organizations Report 2004
North Carolina Minority Health Facts: African Americans - 1998 1998
North Carolina Minority Health Facts: African Americans - 2010 2010
North Carolina Minority Health Facts: American Indians - 1999 1999
North Carolina Minority Health Facts: American Indians - 2005 2005
North Carolina Minority Health Facts: American Indians - 2010 2010
North Carolina Minority Health Facts: Hispanics/Latinos - 1999 1999
North Carolina Minority Health Facts: Hispanics/Latinos - 2006 2007
North Carolina Minority Health Facts: Hispanics/Latinos - 2010 2010
PHSB Studies 10: Premarital and Postmarital Conception and the Risk of Fetal and Infant Death 1978
PHSB Studies 11: Health Characteristics of Adults in North Carolina's Health Service Areas 1978
PHSB Studies 13: Focus . . . Teenage Pregnancies North Carolina, 1973-1977 1979
PHSB Studies 16: Epidemiology of Sudden Infant Death in North Carolina: Do Cases Tend to Cluster? 1979
PHSB Studies 17: Accidental Death Among Children and Teenagers in North Carolina 1979
PHSB Studies 4: Associations Between Nutrition and Mortality in Six Health Service Areas of North Carolina (An Indirect Study) 1977
PHSB Studies 7: Health Problems and Health Care Among Adult Residents of North Carolina's Health Service Areas 1977
PHSB Studies 8: Time Variations in North Carolina Births, 1974-76 1978
PHSB Studies 9-B: Variation in City Death Rates in North Carolina 1978
PHSB Studies 9: Mortality in North Carolina Cities 1978
Racial and Ethnic Differences in Health in North Carolina 2000
Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in North Carolina - Report Card 2006 2006
Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities in North Carolina - Report Card 2010 2010
Racial and Ethnic Health Dispartities in North Carolina - Report Card 2003 2003
SCHS Study 100 - Socioeconomic and Birth-Related Factors Associated with Child Participation in WIC 1996
SCHS Study 101 - Smoking in Pregnancy in North Carolina: Maternal Characteristics and Trends 1988-1994 1996
SCHS Study 102 - North Carolina Performance on Year 2000 Child Health Objectives 1997
SCHS Study 103 - Summary of the Final Evaluation of North Carolina's Maternal Outreach Worker (MOW) Program 1997
SCHS Study 109 - North Carolina Hospital Discharges: 1996 Summary 1998
SCHS Study 111 - Health Consequences of Underage Alcohol Use in North Carolina 1998
SCHS Study 116 - Local Public Health Priorities from the 1998 North Carolina Community Diagnosis 1999
SCHS Study 118 - Potentially Avoidable Hospitalizations in North Carolina, 1997 1999
SCHS Study 127 - An Investigation of the Characteristics of Mothers and their Very Low Birth Weight Babies Referred to North Carolina's Infant Toddler Program 2001
SCHS Study 128 - Hospitalizations from Injuries: A Report on the Completeness of External-Cause-of-Injury Coding in the State's Hospital Discharge Data, North Carolina, 1997-1999 2001
SCHS Study 130 - Years of Potential Life Lost by Sex, Race, and Ethnicity, North Carolina, 2000 2002
SCHS Study 132 - The Use of Public Health Databases to Estimate the Risk for Special Education Placement 2002
SCHS Study 140 - Suicide in North Carolina: Deaths, Hospitalizations, and Youth Survey Results 2004
SCHS Study 141 - Folic Acid-Related Dietary Preferences and Health Interests of Latino Women Living in North Carolina 2004
SCHS Study 145 - Sexual Activity, Knowledge, and Attitudes Among North Carolina Adolescents, 2002 2004
SCHS Study 147 - Children Who Are Medically Fragile in North Carolina: Prevalence and Medical Care Costs in 2002 2005
SCHS Study 148 - Neighborhood-Level Characteristics as Predictors of Preterm Birth: Examples from Wake County, North Carolina 2005
SCHS Study 151 - Body Mass Index and Medical Care Expenditures Among North Carolina Adolescents Enrolled in Medicaid in 2004 2006
SCHS Study 154 - North Carolina PRAMS Non-Response Analysis, 2003-2004 2007
SCHS Study 155 - Visual Impairment and Eye Care Among N.C. Adults: Results from the New Vision Module Questions in the 2006 BRFSS Survey 2007
SCHS Study 156 - Congruence Between Race and Ethnicity Reported on Infant Death Certificates and the Matching Live Birth Certificates: North Carolina, 2002-2006 2008
SCHS Study 158 - Tobacco Use among Middle and High School Students: Results from the North Carolina Youth Tobacco Survey, 1999-2007 2008
SCHS Study 160 - Medical Care Costs for Diabetes Associated with Health Disparities Among Adults Enrolled in Medicaid in North Carolina 2009
SCHS Study 162 - Unintentional Overdose Deaths in the North Carolina Medicaid Population: Prevalence, Prescription Drug Use, and Medical Care Services 2010
SCHS Study 20 - The Use of Hospital Discharge Data for Estimating Morbidity in North Carolina 1981
SCHS Study 22 - Selected Health Data for Adults and Children of North Carolina's Health Service Areas 1982
SCHS Study 24 - 1980 Hospital Inpatient Utilization by County for Medicare and Medicaid Patients 1983
SCHS Study 25 - Hospital Emergency Room Utilization by North Carolina Medicaid Eligibles 1983
SCHS Study 26 - Teen and Preteen Pregnancies in North Carolina 1981 1983
SCHS Study 27 - The Utilization of North Carolina General Hospitals: A Geographic Analysis 1983
SCHS Study 33 - The Geographic Pattern of Tuberculosis in North Carolina 1984
SCHS Study 35 - Update on the Health Status of American Indians in North Carolina 1985
SCHS Study 36 - Maternal and Child Health Statistics in North Carolina 1969-73 through 1979-83 1985
SCHS Study 37 - Unintended Childhood Injury in North Carolina 1985
SCHS Study 38 - North Carolina's Fertility: Recent Trends and Their Implications 1985
SCHS Study 40 - Obstetrical Care in North Carolina 1986
SCHS Study 43 - The Health of Minorities in North Carolina 1987
SCHS Study 45 - Abortion as a Correlate of Fertility and Infant Outcome in North Carolina 1988
SCHS Study 46 - A Descriptive Analysis of Housefire Deaths in North Carolina 1988
SCHS Study 47 - Occupational Mortality Among North Carolina Males 1984-1986: A Death Rate Analysis 1988
SCHS Study 48 - Access to Prenatal Care in North Carolina: A Comparative Study of Women with Some Prenatal Care and Women with No Prenatal Care 1989
SCHS Study 49 - An Assessment of Continuity of Patient Care Between Two Public Health Department Services: One Use of the North Carolina Health Services Information System (HSIS) 1989
SCHS Study 50 - Occupational Mortality Among North Carolina Females 1984-1986: A Death Rate Analysis 1989
State Health Department and University Evaluation of North Carolina's Maternal Outreach Worker Program 1997
Statistical Brief 9 - Health Costs in North Carolina - Recent Changes in Hospital Statistics 1997
Statistical Brief 1 - Access to Health Care in North Carolina -- How Do Medicaid Children Fare? 1996
Statistical Brief 10 - Health Costs in North Carolina - Accounting for Accident and Health Insurance Costs 1997
Statistical Brief 11 - Health Costs in North Carolina - County Government Expenditures for Health 1997
Statistical Brief 12 - Health Costs in North Carolina - Where Do State Government Dollars Go? 1997
Statistical Brief 13 - Children in Single-Parent Families in North Carolina: A Growing Problem 1997
Statistical Brief 15 - Prenatal HIV Counseling and Testing in North Carolina - Recent Survey Results 1998
Statistical Brief 18 - Estimates of Children with Special Needs in North Carolina 1999
Statistical Brief 2 - Health Insurance Coverage of North Carolina Children--Recent Survey Estimates 1996
Statistical Brief 20 - North Carolina Hospitalizations for Hysterectomy, 1998 2000
Statistical Brief 22 - Lead Screening Coverage for North Carolina's Medicaid Children, 1998-1999 2001
Statistical Brief 23 - Perceptions of Public Health, Quality of Life, and the Threat of Bioterrorism Among North Carolina Adults: Results from the 2001 NC Public Health Awareness Survey 2002
Statistical Brief 26 - Local Health Depts and Community Based Organizations: Results from the North Carolina 2003 Public Health Partnership Survey 2003
Statistical Brief 28 - Perinatal Periods of Risk (PPOR): A Useful Tool for Analyzing Fetal and Infant Mortality 2005
Statistical Brief 29 - Hispanic Childhood Mortality in North Carolina, 1999-2003 2005
Statistical Brief 3 - Access to Health Care in North Carolina -- Differences Between White and Minority Children 1996
Statistical Brief 33 - Underreporting of American Indian Race on North Carolina Death Certificates 2007
Statistical Brief 34 - Births to Women Enrolled in Medicaid at the Time of Delivery with Prenatal Care Provided in NC Public Health Depts 2007
Statistical Brief 4 - Health and the Elderly in North Carolina--Differences Between Whites and Minorities 1996
Statistical Brief 40 - Trends in Cesarean Delivery Rates for North Carolina Live Births 2012
Statistical Brief 41 - Preterm Birth Rate Trends in North Carolina, 1988-2012 2014
Statistical Brief 5 - Health and the Pre-Elderly in North Carolina--Survey Estimates by Race 1996
Statistical Brief 6 - Health Status and Access to Routine Care--North Carolina Adults Under Age 50 by Medicaid Status 1996
Statistical Primer 1 - Adjusted Rates 1981
Statistical Primer 10 - The Paradox of Percent Changes in Total vs. Category-Specific Rates 1992
Statistical Primer 11 - Evaluation of Health Data for Hispanics in North Carolina 1993
Statistical Primer 12 - Problems with Rates Based on Small Numbers (Rev. Aug 2008) 2008
Statistical Primer 15 - Mapping Mortality and Morbidity Rates 2002
Statistical Primer 2 - Problems with Population Bases 1981
Statistical Primer 3 - Graphs and Data Displays 1982
Statistical Primer 4 - Guide for a Community Health Diagnosis: A Special Report for Local Health Departments 1983
Statistical Primer 5 - Sampling and Measure Error: Part 1, Sampling Errors 1984
Statistical Primer 6 - Sampling and Measurement Error: Part 2, Errors in Vital Rates 1984
Statistical Primer 7 - Questionnaire Design 1986
Statistical Primer 8 - The Measurement of Attributable Risk: A Useful Tool for Health Administrators 1986
Statistical Primer 9 - A Directory of Health Data Published by The State Center for Health Statistics 1988
The State of Preconception Health in North Carolina 2010